Why didn’t my home sell? (a better home sale)

home saleIf your home sale listing has expired or you have terminated your listing agreement with your agent/broker, it’s a good time for a new strategy.  A fresh new approach can help get your home sold.  Although you may be experiencing a considerable amount of frustration over your unsold home, rest assured that you can sell your home.

What is the overall condition of your home?

Your home’s condition is often overlooked by home sellers and listing agents.  It is not uncommon to have put off home maintenance.  Most home buyers are looking for a “turn-key” home.  Deferred maintenance does not make your home look good, and will deter home buyers.  There are strategies to overcome deferred maintenance to sell your home. Call me today at 301-529-8475 for a no-obligation home walk-through.

Did you prepare your home to show to home buyers?

Whether or not you choose to address deferred maintenance and repairs prior to listing, preparation is required to get ready for home buyer viewings.  One of the most important things to do to prepare your home is to declutter.  Decluttering is often overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  Getting organized to sell your home doesn’t have to be a chore. Call me today at 301-529-8475 for a decluttering plan.

Do you need home staging?

Home staging is a way to create a “vision” for home buyers. But staging doesn’t have to be expensive. How does your home show? Call me today at 301-529-8475 for a home review.

Did your home get enough exposure?

Agents often over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to marketing.  All brokers (even large brokers) offer basic marketing, which usually relies on the MLS and their website.  Any additional marketing expense is put on the listing agent.  All agents have a budget and often do not have enough to market your home. Gone are the days of “set it and forget it.” You need a creative listing agent who is constantly seeking to publicize and promote to sell your home.

How much is your home really worth?

Pricing your home correctly can mean the difference between a quick and successful sale versus your home languishing on the market. It’s easy to over price your home, especially when aggressive agents are giving you unrealistic home sale prices just to get your listing (only to get you to sell for much less). Home buyers are savvy and know value.  They won’t overpay for your home, even if there is little home sale inventory.  Your list price should be in line with other neighborhood comps of similar style, size and condition.

Your next step to sell your home

home saleIf you your listing expired and you’re not sure whom to turn to, it may be time to hand over your listing to a Realtor with the experience selling homes that has languished on the market.

Once you hire us, you will get meaningful advice including an accurate market analysis to help you properly price your home to get it sold.  Because selling your home is your goal, isn’t it?

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