7 reasons for a winter home sale

During the holiday season many homeowners decide to take their homes of the market and won’t consider a winter home sale.  And those who are thinking of selling their homes, wait until the new year.  But maybe you should consider selling your home during the holidays and winter months.

Seven reasons for a winter home sale:

winter home sale
Housing inventory
  1. Relocation buyers are out there.  Many companies are still hiring throughout the holidays and need their employees in their new positions as soon as possible.
  2. Home buyers who are looking for homes during the holidays are serious and are ready to buy now.
  3. You can control the timings of showing your home.  Restrict showings when you have guests, or just need a break.
  4. Homes with holiday decorations typically show better.
  5. There is less competition during the holidays.
  6. Home buyers who did not find a home during the busy real estate months, are still looking for their home.  Their next home could be yours!
  7. Home sellers list their homes after the holidays.  New home construction typically picks up after the holidays too, giving home buyers more options.  Your competition significantly increases after the new year.

If you list your home for sale during the winter and holiday months, be prepared and have a plan.  Here are some items to keep in mind:

  • Consider showing your home by appointment so you can pick and choose when your home gets shown.
  • Communicate with your agent.  Let your agent know the best times when your home is best shown.  And let them know how much lead time you need for each showing.
  • Think safety! After inclement weather, clear away snow and use ice-melt.
  • If the home is vacant, consider winterizing the home.
  • Try to keep clutter to a minimum.  This will help you get the home ready for the next showing.