A word on negotiating your home sale

The “first rule” of negotiation is to not be emotional.  However, many decisions about buying and selling a home are often based on emotion; furthermore, home buyer’s and seller’s expectation and anticipation can also influence decisions.

Stick to the facts.  Armed with data and facts, there is less guessing and you are more likely to be persuasive in your arguments.  Additionally, relying on facts will also help you stay focused on the larger picture of buying or selling your home.  Realistic expectations can be had by comparing recent neighborhood comps to your home rather than relying on what you hear on the news about national stats.  Being factual can also help negotiate home inspection repairs and other items you may need to address in your transaction.

Local Real Estate Expert – Dan is a trusted and respected real estate agent who has been writing about local real estate for the Montgomery County Sentinel since 2005. Dan creates comprehensive pricing analysis and unique marketing plans for home sellers, buyers, and other professionals.