With all due respect, Mr. Trump…

by Dan Krell © 2010

Dear Mr. Trump,

I enjoy watching your interviews and often listen intently to what you have to say. And although, you’ll have to forgive me because I do not follow your hit TV show, “The Apprentice,” I always find your appearances entertaining and sometimes educational. I even caught your recent interview by Joan Rivers (on her TV Land show, “How’d You Get So Rich?”); I’m always intrigued about real estate.

Of course, I can appreciate the point you made during the interview (which is the point you have been making for some time now) – it is a great time to buy real estate.

Mr. Trump, you do have a magic touch, there’s no doubt. So, naturally you caught my attention when you disclosed on national TV that your company purchased land along the Potomac River (mentioning a golf course). So of course, I wondered if the project was in MD, DC, or VA.

Lo and behold- I found that the public records indeed indicated that there was a purchase by your company. What a beautiful piece of land. There is a golf club, of course, and it is right on the on the Potomac River… in Sterling, VA!?


With all due respect, Mr. Trump, if you want the opportunity to buy some great real estate and make some deals- why not here in Maryland? After all, there are plenty of deals and development opportunities– some even along the Potomac River, just minutes from DC!

So, Mr. Trump…I’m waiting for your call to see if we can do business (my contact information is on my website: www.dankrell.com). However, if it turns out we can’t- it’s all good! I’ll just catch your next interview.

All the best…

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