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Limit the trendy updates when renovating your home. If you’re renovating your home to prepare for a home sale, or for your living pleasure, there’s an overwhelming sense of excitement and creativity focused on the finished product.  You may already have a vision of the design for the room and fixtures.  Or you may decide to hire an interior designer (or certified home stager) to assist you with the project. Regardless of the route you take, take heed to design trends, as some are more fleeting and personal than others and could hinder your home sale.

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One definition of “trend” is current style. Meaning that although a design or style is hot and desirable today, it won’t be in the near future. If you’re updating the home to live in a few years then sell a few years down the road, consider that any update you make today could seem outdated to home buyers in the future. Knowing this could help reign in your current budget, and budget for additional updates down the road.

If you’re renovating to sell, be careful to cross over the line of over-personalization.  Over-personalized spaces/rooms/homes can turn off home buyers.  Home buyers get distracted from the space of the home when they see updates, designs, and/or fixtures that they don’t like.  “Look what they did here…” seems to be an automatic response I hear when viewing homes with clients who get distracted.  Of course, distracted and otherwise turned off home buyers typically won’t pursue that home.

If you’re enticed to design by the latest and greatest trend, keep in mind that most home buyers are more interested in homes they can picture living in.  A January 17th article from the NAR blog (“The Most-Hyped Home Design Trends for 2022; Home design is reflecting much more personality, from black accents to textures galore, by Krisztina Bell, No Vacancy Home Staging Inc.) has a comment about “maximalism design: “Maximalism is back, if the 2022 fashion shows are any indication. More people are seeking to surround themselves with objects that reflect their personality. We’re seeing expressionistic lighting—like geo-shaped groupings and swirls—as well as an explosion of colorful rugs. It’s popular to mix vintage pieces with contemporary furniture and colorful glass. Put a disco ball in the basement and add tinsel curtains for even more sparkle. That’s just how bold decor is getting. But don’t go overboard with ’70s decor! A few playful and unexpected pieces is all you need for this trend.”

Ms. Bell’s words of wisdom “don’t go overboard”and limit the trendy should be the rule when renovating.

By Dan Krell
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