Celebrity homes

Nothing grabs the public’s attention more than juicy celebrity gossip. So, it shouldn’t have surprised me when I received what seemed to be endless calls from Hollywood gossip reporters asking about Kate Gosselin’s move to Rockville, MD. At first, I thought the calls were from pranksters because I had no idea who Kate Gosselin was (I’m not a TV junkie, so I was unaware of her celebrity status); but when I was enlightened to her realty-TV fame, I was taken aback by the amount of attention and energy that was garnered just by a rumor. But that was in 2009.

Sure, I know you’re wondering “why would a celebrity be moving to Bethesda?” Well, the MD-DC-VA area attracts many celebrities. Of course there are the home grown celebs who have moved away, but the area attracts celebs of all kinds from around the world. Some celebs who live or have lived in the area are known for their on screen achievements, some are known for their writing ability, some are known for their contributions to their respective fields, some are royalty, and some are known just for their wealth.

Without question, the MD-DC-VA area attracts the political elite from around the world, not just because DC is the seat of government, but it is also perceived as a seat of world power. And don’t forget the many sports stars who choose to live locally as well; even though they don’t have to make their permanent homes locally, many do.

Even Donald Trump knows the attraction value of the area. A purchase of a Sterling, VA golf course on the Potomac River in 2009 was not the only recent local real estate purchase; his purchase of a Virginia vineyard made headlines earlier this year.

It’s only natural to be interested in how the rich and famous live, it taps into our human ambition and need for achievement; at some unconscious level, peeking into celeb lifestyles may also provide motivation or a vision of aspiration. But looking into the “window” of their home, so to speak, is a bit different than celebrity spotting around town with the paparazzi.

The interest in celeb homes and lifestyles has sparked such TV shows as MTV Cribs (mtv.com) and even Joan River’s show How’d You Get So Rich?(tvland.com). Looking inside a celeb’s home can give you a view of the elegant, trendy, or even cutting edge design. But most of all it allows a peek into a lifestyle that may seem familiar; many celeb homes are focused on family, on comfort, and around food (the kitchen).

Be warned- no matter how curious you are, don’t try to peek through the windows of a celebrity’s home (or anyone’s home for that matter) as you may wind up being detained by the police (or worse). If you’re interested in celebrities and their lifestyles, there is no loss for information in today’s saturated Media. Local TV shows and internet websites can not only give you the scoop on local celebs’ homes, some provide interior pictures and tours. Websites such as DC Curbed (dc.curbed.com) and The Real Estalker (realestalker.blogspot.com) have the latest info on celebs homes.

Today, the calls asking about celebrities moving into or out of town continue. But here’s a tip- don’t ask the real estate agent: a good agent knows the value of discretion for the sake of their famous client.

by Dan Krell
© 2011

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