Make More Listing with an Agent

Should you hire a real estate agent when selling a home? During any recent sellers’ market, there are many home sellers who opt to sell their home “for sale by owner” (also known as FSBO). The recent sellers’ market is no exception. Many home sellers sold FSBO with the perception of saving money by not paying a real estate agent commission. But did they really save money? Can you make more listing with an agent?

make more listing with an agent
Hire a seasoned professional real estate agent

Over forty years ago, it was theorized that technology would replace many service professionals. Over time, the prediction manifested. However, the exception has been real estate agents. The role of the real estate agent has and continues to evolve. Real estate agents continue to demonstrate their value, and provide a valuable service.

Seasoned real estate agents are sales and marketing specialists. Experienced agents understand the market and use home sale data to determine a price, as well as suggesting when to list your home. Professional agents can suggest how to prepare and present your home to attract potential home buyers.

Regardless, there are many home sellers who feel they are saving money by selling without an agent (including those who sell to investors). Nonetheless there’s a body of research that has demonstrated that hiring a seasoned professional real estate agent yields a higher sales price and shorter time on the market. And a recent study reveals that selling your home FSBO could actually cost you.

Can you make more listing with an agent ?

Research by Miller, Sanchez, Sklarz, and Vamosiu investigated price differentials in FSBO and agent listed home sales (Saving Real Estate Commissions at Any Price: Does Having a Real Estate Agent Influence the Sales Price of a Home?; Journal of Housing Research, 2021, vol 30, no 2). They point out that although MLS premiums are no longer a factor, the study indicated that FSBOs sold for significantly lower sale prices than agent listed home sales. However, the amount of price differential depends on the type of home and region.

If you’re planning a home sale. Hire a professional for a smooth transaction with little drama. However, if you’re leaning toward a FSBO sale, consider all the factors. Although it may seem easy to sell a home on your own, the idiom “the devil is in the details” holds true. Even in a sellers’ market, when home buyers are competing for homes, you could be losing out if you’re unable to procure, manage and negotiate multiple offers prudently.

By Dan Krell
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