Summer-ize your home to attract buyers

Summer-ize your home to attract buyers

by Dan Krell © 2009.

You might think that the weather is warming up more than the real estate market, but lo-and-behold the spring market is experiencing increased activity! If you’re planning to put your home on the market, or if it is already listed for sale, you probably know that preparing your home to sell means de-cluttering and fixing those little items you’ve been putting off for some time. No matter how much preparation you do, don’t forget to summerize to make your home more appealing to home buyers.

Summerizing your home means paying attention to the items that are noticeable during the warmer months of the year; such as the curb appeal and the interior comfort. There is nothing worse than making excuses during your open house about the unkempt lawn or a broken air conditioning unit. Neglecting these items can be a deterrent to buyers or (worse yet) even make your home appear to buyers as if you are selling a distressed property.

There’s more to curb appeal than just keeping your lawn mowed! Basic curb appeal considerations include the home’s landscaping, grading, siding, deck, driveway and sidewalks.

Simple landscaping can make your lawn appear well manicured; but imagine what a professionally landscaped yard can do! Trees properly trimmed away from the home will allow your home to be seen from the street as well as not be “crowded” by overhanging limbs. Neatly trimmed and properly placed shrubs and flower beds will not only look beautiful, it will enhance your home’s façade!

Heavy summer storms can wreak havoc on poorly graded yards, which can allow water to seep into your basement. Ensure that the grading around your home diverts water away from the foundation.

Clean and properly painted siding (including facia boards and window trim) is often overlooked by home owners. If the entire exterior does not need painting, look for the areas that appear to be peeling or bare. Facia boards and window trim are often made of untreated wood and typically need more attention (even if your siding is made of artificial materials). If your home has algae or mold growing on the siding, consider having the siding power washed; power washing can not only clean the siding, but may return the new home “glow.”

Don’t let a faded or splintered deck turn away home buyers; consider adding it your power wash list. Power washing your deck and patio can give them a fresh look. You might consider staining or sealing your deck and patio to give the new home owner the possibility of a few years of care free use.

Cracked sidewalks and driveway are not only unsightly, they can also be a trip hazard. Repairing and/or sealing the walkways and driveway can not only increase safety – it can add to the appearance of your home. A newly sealed asphalt driveway can add contrast to accent the exterior of your home.

Let’s face it, air conditioning that does not keep your home cool is a buyer deterrent- especially in the hot summer months. If you don’t service your air conditioning system on a regular basis, you should consider doing so before listing your home.

Summerizing your home will not only attract home buyers, it shows pride of ownership providing incentive for home buyers bring you an offer.

This article is not intended to provide nor should it be relied upon for legal and financial advice. This article was originally published in the Montgomery County Sentinel the week of April 27, 2009. Copyright © 2009 Dan Krell