Home prices, Zillow, and Formulating an Offer

by Dan Krell © 2007

Are you waiting for the bottom to drop out of the local real estate market? Although there has been a market correction, the Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors home statistics report shows that the average home price in Montgomery County increased to $611,443 from $593,801 the same time last year (GCAAR.com).

I hear some out there saying there is more correction to come, but in reality there not much more that the home seller can absorb. Those home sellers who are not in dire financial straights will either wait for the right buyer or take their homes off the market. As we are coming out of winter and the spring market has yet to go into full swing, it seems as if there is no end to the lethargic market. However, like the flowers that bloom every spring, so too do homebuyers.

If you look at online valuation systems such as Zillow, it seems as if home values will continue to fall, because the values listed are higher than the list prices of homes for sale. Although web based valuation systems strive for accuracy, they will continue to offer imprecise data because these sites cannot account for real time fluctuations in the marketplace. If you are a home seller, please don’t solely rely on valuation websites to determine a sale price for your home, as the comps offered by such websites may not be the most recent or may not be directly comparable.

If you are a home buyer, you may want some tips on formulating an offer. Basing your offer on the price the home seller paid or the tax assessment is unreasonable. Many of my clients have told me that that they read somewhere or heard from someone that their offer should be based on the price paid when the home seller bought the home. Will someone please tell me whose idea this is? I neither have read this anywhere nor have I met the original source of this “wisdom.”

Additionally, using tax assessments to determine your offer can set you up for disappointment as well. Tax assessments are typically a fraction of the home value and are calculated by the locality for tax purposes. It is common for a home owner to appeal a tax assessment so as to lower the assessed value and subsequently his tax burden. The price the home seller paid and the tax assessment are mutually exclusive figures that have no bearing on market forces.

If you are ready to put an offer on a home, you should do your research and look at pertinent factors such as recent sales and market trends to assist in formulating your offer and terms. You should find the most recent sales prices for similar style and size homes in the neighborhood of the home you are considering. To determine a market trend, look at sales prices in six, three, and one month increments. Additionally, try to determine the home seller’s level of motivation, as the home seller may be open to lower offers if they are highly motivated to sell.

The real estate market is dynamic and cyclical. In determining list prices and offers, home sellers and home buyers should use the most recent and pertinent information to assist in their decisions.

This column is not intended to provide nor should it be relied upon for legal and financial advice. This article was originally published in the Montgomery County Sentinel the week of 2/26/2007. Copyright (c) 2007 Dan Krell.