Moving day does not have to be stressful

by Dan Krell © 2010.

If it’s not the negotiating, the inspections, the mortgage process that makes you uneasy about the buying/selling process, then it’s the thought of moving. Yes, thoughts of moving and all that may go along with it can make even the most stable person break down.

The two main pieces of advice most professionals offer about moving include planning and organization. Planning your move will keep everything in perspective as you create parameters within which all the activities of your move will be completed. Organizing allows you to keep track of your activities and belongings during your moving period.

Much of the stress that is felt during the move stems from feelings of being overwhelmed by thoughts of everything that must be accomplished during your move. Mitigating the stress and emotion of the move is easier when you have a timeline (of actions and goals) that ends on the day you vacate the home. Having a daily goal will allow you to focus on the task at hand without getting distracted. Each day’s goal can be determined by going into each room noting what needs to be accomplished, including any ancillary activities that need to be completed.

An important aspect of a move is organizing what items are coming with you and what items can be thrown out or donated; this should be easy if you have already de-cluttered your home prior to selling. Staying organized during unpacking can be accomplished by making notes of room destinations for boxes; the notes can be detailed to include whose belongings are in each box as well the contents.

Moving to a new home is not a cheap endeavor; you are sure to spend money on the move even if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. The cost of moving can vary depending on the moving company and services you choose. Doing it yourself is not always the least expensive route; the total cost of a truck rental, packing supplies and your time may compare to the price of a limited service mover. If you’re busy, then you might appreciate a full service moving company that will do all of the packing for you. À la carte moving services may be easier on your pocketbook and also eliminates services you may not need. When shopping for a moving company, make sure they are reputable by checking their credentials and ensuring they are bonded and insured.

Portable storage units have become the “hybrid” of moving because it allows you to do all the work of loading your possessions into a container, but the delivery of the storage unit is carried out by a moving company. The storage unit can either be delivered to your new home or placed in storage until you are ready to unpack.

Moving into a new home is often associated with life events- the good ones and sometimes the not so good ones. Besides having to move, life events have their own challenges; so it’s often helpful to recruit as much help as possible, not just for the physical labor but for the emotional support too.

Although planning and organizing can minimize stress and drama, your plan may need to be flexible to adapt to any unforeseen obstacles; as Robert Burns’ poem To a Mouse testifies: “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men…(often go awry).”

This article is not intended to provide nor should it be relied upon for legal and financial advice. This article was originally published in the Montgomery County Sentinel the week of June 14, 2010. Using this article without permission is a violation of copyright laws. Copyright © 2010 Dan Krell.