Rude home buyers take note

rude home buyersHas increasing incidents of rudeness become tolerated, or is there an epidemic of narcissism? Rude home buyers are growing in numbers. Regardless, home buyers and their agents should be respectful of the home seller and their property.  After all, they are “guests” while viewing the home.

Rude home buyers take note

Although the majority of home buyers and real estate agents adhere to the “golden rule” and are polite and courteous, it’s not uncommon for a few to be bad-mannered and disrespectful. Of course, it’s alright for you to be honest about your feelings towards a home; and home sellers appreciate honest feedback. However, if the home is not to your taste or is not in the condition you expect; there is no need to lay on the insults as you peruse the home – rather, be honest to yourself and your agent, do the polite thing and excuse yourself. Don’t waste your time and energy walking through a home that is not for you.

Contrary to belief, “insulting” is not a negotiation tactic; there is a difference between being outright aggressive and assertive. Insulting the seller and their home can be counterproductive; there is a difference between being offensive about living conditions versus stating objective and factual information about the home’s condition. Rather than offering a lower price for a home based on your opinion of the home owner, a lower price makes more sense if you can make a case that the home needs updating and/or repairs.

Although most home buyers view homes with their real estate agent, many ride home buyers attend open houses alone. If you view homes with your agent, they may remind you of etiquette and behavioral expectations. However, if your agent acts disrespectful toward the seller and/or their property, it is not an excuse for you to follow suit.

Home sellers deserve respect

Being respectful of home sellers and their properties is not only expected, it is a good strategy. If you’re unsure about a situation, ask your agent how to act/respond. However, here are some general etiquette tips while viewing homes (alone or with your agent): Be respectful of the occupants by adhering to showing instructions; don’t show up unexpected and demand to see the home; if you cannot keep an appointment, make sure the occupant is notified; be respectful of the property; follow showing instructions in the home seller’s absence, such as requests to remove shoes; in the case of potentially dangerous situations, such as a gas odor, a tripped security alarm, unexpected power failure, etc – alert your agent and/or the proper authorities immediately; if you bring children with you – always keep an eye on your children; never eat in the home, as it could leave a mess in the home; leave the home as you entered it by locking all exterior doors and shutting off the lights as necessary; criticism is best left for a later time – your comment s may be overheard by others; if the home is not to your liking – politely excuse yourself from the home.

Rude home buyers often sabotage their transaction

Remember that even though you are rightly focused on your housing needs, you are a guest while viewing others’ homes. And although there is no expectation for you to offer positive feedback – there is an expectation for you to be respectful of the owners and occupants of the home. At some point the roles may be reversed and you will be the home seller expecting others to respect you and your home.

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