Home Selling during the Holidays

Home sales have been in a slump for several months. But the lackluster volume of homes being sold isn’t what most people are making of it. Of course, rising interest rates have curtailed some home buyers’ plans, but the historically low supply of homes for sale continues to drive the market.  If you’re home selling during the holidays, consider that supply will continue to dwindle as many homes will be removed from market.

Home Selling during the Holidays
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What does that mean if you’re a motivated home seller? Although the housing market normally slows down during the holiday season, it’s not entirely closed. Motivated home buyers are always looking for the perfect home. And with limited home seller competition, you could potentially do well with your sale.  The only obstacle to your sale would be severe winter weather.

Things to consider when selling a home during the holiday season:

If you’re selling your primary residence, consider how and when your home will be available for home buyer visits. Be proactive with your communication to your listing agent so there is no confusion about showing times. The idiom “strike while the iron is hot” holds true. If you make your home available to show, stick to the schedule. Buyers will get frustrated and turned off when their scheduled appointment is canceled at the last minute.

If you’re selling a vacant home, it will be easy to show. However, you should plan to visit the home regularly for cleaning and maintenance. Maintenance is especially important during the colder winter weather.

If your home is already on the market, maintaining a show quality home is still a must. However, if your home will be listed for sale during the holiday season, you have to take care in preparing your home for buyer visits during colder weather. Decluttering, repairs, and staging are the main staples of home preparation.

If you ask real estate agents about holiday decorations, you’ll get a variety of advice. Keep in mind how home buyers will see your home. If you decorate your home, keep it tasteful and uncluttered.

Keep in mind that selling a home means having strangers traipsing through your home. Plan ahead with a showing schedule if you’re having holiday celebrations and hosting family and other guests in your home.

Home Selling during the Holidays is not for everyone. If the holiday season is a hectic, then adding the stress of selling your home is probably not a good idea. Consult with your real estate agent about home selling during the holidays and if it is an appropriate choice for you.

By Dan Krell
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